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Systems & Software Engineer, Collaborated on projects for several externally sponsored and company funded manufacturing development programs in R&D and Production. · Experienced in electronic CAD and development primarily using Ranger XL. · Developed Solid 3D models for prototyping, conception and design using industry standard 3D modelling Software. · Managed and maintained software projects, for the most part written in C#, VB.Net and VB6. · Experience in VHDL and FPGA design and development. · Experience in C & C++ · Experience in .Net Micro Framework technologies & Embedded Systems. · ISO 9001 internal Auditor

  • Electronic Design

    Design, test, develop & build

  • Programming

    Software & Firmware Design & Development

  • Customer Support

    Hardware, Software & Business Processes

  • Packaging Supplies

    Across industry we supply cost effective solutions for our partners


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